Gibberish for Doing More

I find myself constantly wishing I had done more. Worked harder, taken more difficult coursework, chosen a more challenging major for my undergraduate degree. The truth is, I was a "true" nerd through primary school and it allowed me to breeze through a liberal arts degree, although even that became difficult as I dealt with the in's and out's of life, love, and liberty.
filling in the picture of my life
Accomplishment and tragedy intertwined to make my life a roller coaster. Long days and long nights culminated in what I would think of as a five year bender in between classes. Now a new decision to make... I haven't had the bravery to apply to law school yet, although I have been studying for the LSAT and looking into Law schools that interest me. Those that have the classes and clinics that interest me and that will provide a financial package that will allow me to study without breaking the bank. I am constantly weighing the options of how to spend my time. A number of investments and business propositions against studying for the LSAT. And that is a benchmark that may determine my ability to attend Law School, considering my lackluster academic performance reflected by my likewise grade point average.

The conflict of being young and able to do anything. Maybe older than I was a day ago, but still aspiring. My actions of late have reflected a trend of moving towards what I want. Becoming more engrossed in social media marketing practices, tradings and investments, and LSAT testing. Filling in the picture of my life.


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