A New Level of Laziness due to Social Media

Ask me about... A new level of laziness in social networking. All of those questions you're too lazy too ask or stopped asking when you were 12, like "if you had one superpower, what would it be and why?" or "who's your hero?" With the ability to link to Facebook, Twitter, Quora, Formspring, and other social networking sites you can answer your friend's questions, Formspring's questions, or post your own. Questions and responses will automatically be posted to your Wall and Tweeted if you choose to opt in for these services.  Quora is another service that provides a similar service that is less random and facilitates discussion in regards to a multitude of specific topics.
Ask me about...

The real fun is just how lazy you can be. There isn't really anything here that you couldn't do by posting on your Facebook Wall and letting people reply. The people behind Formspring do have a good sense of humor and I can see how people might enjoy a site that speaks to them through random daily questions.
During my usual morning run through of Social Networking sites I came across the question "Is it easy for you to tell people how you feel?" and before I contemplated a response, I had to take a good long moment to assess how I could and would answer this question for myself. Gems like this are why I enjoy being surprised and surprising myself; they make me think. Why didn't I see this question on my Facebook Wall or Google+ Page? Does it say something about my network, or about the questions being asked today and whether a question like this is relevant. I want to say, "of course it's relevant" and then I have to follow up by dictating to myself and others my reasoning while being prepared for alternate viewpoints.
Back to the question. "Is it easy for you to tell people how you feel?" The answer for me is yes; my presence on Facebook and other social networking sites is testament to that. Much of the time I will not bother orating my opinions for the sake of not having people despise me, but it is all too often that I find it easy to speak my mind through crass explanation or simple statement. How many do not speak though, for fear of isolation and embarrassment? Do our obligations to the normative thinking of society keep our Shadows from connecting with the self? I am not radical in my thoughts, but I do think that common sense has been radicalized. Polarization of politics among other subjects are clear examples. Moments of clarity can come from a number of mediums and I think of as rarely being self-induced. One of my favorites is music. Most recently I bought Lupe Fiasco's Lasers, and the track Words I Never Said really struck me.
Now I find myself asking how honest I am with myself and others and likewise, how honest others are with me. A simple step but I think I'm going to start asking more questions.
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  1. On the verge of proving my own argument, I find it much more difficult to not subject others to my views and opinions. While some may see this as a strength, as one ages it very easy to fall into the category of ‘just a grumpy old codger’.

    It should be noted that you will likely find that by asking another person about their opinions and feelings before you state yours will provide you with much more knowledge of the other person than if you stated your views first.

    Being unaccustomed to being asked their opinion, some may be guarded, wondering what you intent is. Once they open up you may find that you have a better conversation. It will be you choice to counter or reinforce their views.

    It has been suggested by a couple of people that I was a good person to talk to when I simply asked the other person their position and never had the chance to offer mine up. For some reason this works well with women.

    As for social media, do you really think that it is constructive or just static in one’s life?

    1. When defining a narrative it can be constructive, however I understand the idea that it might be static; banter that is constantly evolving over time and does not define a person or event but is a subjective opinion based on bias.

      Whether it is to expel grand self-delusion and promotion or hide insecurity behind profile pictures the environment that is social media creates a number of niches for people, businesses, and even ideas to live in. Lazy encompasses not allowing people find out about you, but giving them everything upfront and framing the conversation about yourself. Businesses and ideas are different animals. Businesses can very easily be seen as soulless corporations, especially because of the rift between workers and management. Ideas are simply placemats for people to stand on, proverbial pins to align themselves.

      I like social media as an extension of the personal voice; a way for people to share ideas and opinions. Sites like Yelp allow me to tell others what I think about a restaurant, and trends that develop give insight to what one can expect.